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Summer in a chocolate factory

by Polly Martin |

It's August kind of hot this week. Monday finds us all sharing stories of the heat and humidity of the weekend and wondering how all the chocolate that we shipped last week fared on its' journey (fingers crossed). 

When it’s hot like this, we must deal with what we call summer things: sticky sponge candy, soft caramel, styrofoam coolers, melted ice packs, plastic bags, air conditioning, and melted chocolate. 

But the good news is, Watson's offers many other delicious summer treats: variety of fudge flavors, POPCORN, ice cream and frozen yogurt, toppings bar and hot fudge, chocolate covered graham crackers, and so much more!

Did we mention Sponge Candy ice cream available in Ellicottville and on Elmwood Ave, along with soft serve in Kenmore... and hard pack coming to Victor? How about a cone in Orchard Park?

It may also be hard to believe, but we just took our first holiday order!

All good things as we start to plan for back to school (ours are heading back to college this week!) and all things Fall.

We'll never wish summer away, no matter what it brings. We hope that you are enjoying the ride!