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75 Years & 4 Generations of Names

by Polly Martin |

It all started at the luncheonette on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore in 1946. Watson’s candy counter was pouring chocolate hearts and writing individual names on them for each customer. Want an 8 oz. chocolate heart? Pick the one with 8 icing flowers; want a 3 oz. heart? Grab one with 3 flowers. And so, the tradition began… and continues today at all 8 of our WNY stores plus the hearts are now available online to ship to your Valentines around the country.

Thinking about it, we may have written names for 4 generations of families! That’s a lot of names. Of course, we still get excited with a “Marry me?” or a “It’s a girl!”; we still giggle with the racy notes usually sent via an online order, but also cherish the challenge of names like “Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff”.

Available in 2 sizes online in milk, dark, white, or orange milk chocolate, our stores always carry more sizes, some with nut inclusions, but always with a name or love note.

And always, we encourage you to post your photos and tag us in social media!  We love the tradition, and we thank you for keeping it going.