So, here's what happened... we went #flop

So, here's what happened... we went #flop

For years, I've been trying to grow our Instagram followers. We hovered around 5,000 for a long time and then through hard work and determination, some influencer marketing, some co-branded events and giveaways, we started creeping upwards of 6,000.

Then we flopped. Early September, I shot a quick video of the guys in the kitchen flipping a copper kettle of hot Sponge Candy.  It wiggled and it giggled and it went #flop. We've posted these before and they always get a lot of comments.  But something happened with this one, and it went VIRAL!  I mean, we watched our numbers start to move and after about a week we hit 25K followers. Amazed, we saw it trickle onto other platforms through shares and then one day my daughter showed it to me in her TikTok reels and then I understood - it had literally gone viral.

Soon we were at 50K followers and 10,000,000 plays (that video today sits at 21.9 million plays - yes million).

Since then, we've made several more #flop videos on our Instagram and they are all fan favorites. Last week we hit it big again with another #flop video. This one has 50.5 million plays, with 400,000 "likes" and it just keeps going.  Our followers have jumped to 77.6K and are growing by the minute.

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