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From a friend in Atlanta

by Polly Martin |

My family & I have been cleaning out my deceased mother’s & father’s home in Palmetto, GA recently and we uncovered this box from your candy store, and you can only imagine our surprise!

Our mother grew up in Kenmore, NY from 1935 until she moved to Florida after marrying my father in 1958.  They eventually settled in GA where they raised four children.

Our family would fly to Buffalo to visit our relatives as often as we could which was typically once every two years, as it was very expensive to fly a family of six from Atlanta to Buffalo.

But on every trip, two things needed to happen; one being that we’d of course visit with grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins and secondly, we’d take a short walk up Kenmore Avenue from Grandpa’s house to Watson’s candy store to get several boxes of sponge candy. (We’d also have to sit in the booth that Robert Redford once sat in – that was a requirement of my mother's😊.) 

Living in Atlanta, we knew that once we landed back home that the sponge candy might not survive the weather, so we as kids had the pleasure of eating the full content of the candy boxes before we went home!

This was a huge treat for us and one that we still try to carry on today with our families.  The trips are fewer and further between but with technology, we are able to stay in touch with our “northern family”  but you can count on one thing, when we do head north for a visit, we definitely make time to come to Watson’s to get some yummy sponge candy.

Over fifty years later, my siblings & I want to thank you for allowing our family to have such wonderful memories through one simple candy box picture & the mutual love of chocolate for so many, many, many years.

Karin, Kristin & Tony