Watson's Instagram Hits 100K

Watson's Instagram Hits 100K

Celebrating 100K Instagram Followers

by Allison Deason | Feb 9, 2024

Back in September, we posted our very first "flop" video on our Instagram account; it's a short video of our candy makers turning out a HOT Sponge.  We've been trying to hit it big with another one, and on January 2nd, 2024, we posted one to celebrate the new year. Another one - gone viral! Despite promoting our official Instagram account since 2014, we have always maintained a smaller, loyal following. Now, ten years later, we have grown tremendously! Today, we are officially celebrating our milestone of reaching 100K followers on Instagram.

Reaching 100K followers is not about the numbers, but rather about the stories that have come with this. Since 1946, we have grown from a small chocolate business to a treasured Western New York delicacy. However, throughout these 78 years, our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction has remained the same. We take pride in our quality chocolates and are committed to providing a wonderful experience to every one of our customers, both near and far. We strive to continue to create moments of bliss for you through the magic of our chocolates. Whether you are new to our company or have been supporting us since day one, we are beyond grateful for your unconditional support throughout our journey. 


In our celebration video, one of our wonderful chocolate artists, Carrie, piped 100 chocolate flowers to celebrate the continuous support of Watson’s Chocolates. This heart would not be complete without the ambitious owner of Watson’s Chocolates herself, Whitney, adding the finishing touches. (Enter via Instagram before February 12th at 12:00pm for a chance to win this free Milk Chocolate Breakaway Heart. The winner will be announced on our official Instagram account @watsonschocolates.)