World Chocolate Day a.k.a. Eat Chocolate Today Day

World Chocolate Day a.k.a. Eat Chocolate Today Day

Chocolate was introduced to Europe in the 16th century and on July 7 we celebrate how much we ALL love it. Here at Watson's, we wish it would be later in the year during the cooler months, but none the less have a few ideas to celebrate this year!

1. Visit the various chocolate shops where you live. Most likely you have a family-owned chocolate shop in your town or city similar to Watson's. We are a 3rd and 4th generation business still making chocolates the way Grandma Ellen did almost 80 years ago.  The ultimate #ShopLocal, head out to find one and see what family recipes make them special!

2. Scroll social media. You heard it here - find us on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, and follow along. Learn about the behind-the-scenes videos from our candy kitchen and get to know the folks behind the candy kettle. Or, find others like us - we have a few favorites that we love to follow like Cedric GroletPatrick Roger, or the famous Amaury Guichon

3. Make something. Bake with it, cover something in it, or finger paint with it ;-)

4. Hot fudge sundae bar. It's not just in solid form that we love chocolate. I only do chocolate ice cream - why bother with fruit?? Milkshakes count too!

No matter what you do, eat it today.  We don't believe in saving it - Happy World Chocolate Day!