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It's all smiles at Watson's

by Polly Martin |

Ester has the greatest smile!  Perhaps because she loves her job, but more than likely, it's her disposition :-) . Ester moved to the United States from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2017 and has been loving her life here in Buffalo.  Now home to her mother and her 1yr 5mo old, Ester really enjoys the city. She especially loves strolling in the park. At home, Ester enjoys watching music videos, reading, and experimenting in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to bake right now is chapati! Regarding her life and love of Watson's Chocolates, Ester's favorite holiday is Christmas and she favors our coconut clusters as an occasional treat.  As far as the people go, she adores her co-workers and really loves when she has a hand-dipping shift next to her friend Goretti.