Watson's World Famous Sponge Candy

Buffalo’s most famous confection, Watson’s Famous Sponge Candy is made all year round as we produce approximately 35 tons of it annually! 

Our award winning candy is crispy, tender chunks of caramelized spun sugar drenched in our wonderfully creamy chocolate, made with only Fair Trade Certified cocoa. Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and orange sponge. 

Hand-packed for shipping, our Sponge Candy is gluten-free, and available in a 2 pound gift box, a one pound gift box, or half pound gift bag. 

As always, our Sponge Candy is delicious anytime, but we suggest enjoying it fresh – its best eaten with in a week or two of purchase. Click here if you are interested in learning more about Watson’s Sponge Candy.


Sponge Candy

(45 customer reviews)



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45 reviews for Sponge Candy

  1. Mike Caruso (verified owner)

    I moved to Texas from Buffalo, NY back in 2014, and the two things that I miss the most are NY pizza and Watson’s sponge candy! I can only last so long without Watson’s sponge candy, and then I have to place another order. It’s that time again! There’s nothing quite like it, and no one makes it better than Watson’s! I guess you could say that I’m selfish, because I don’t share my personal stash of sponge candy with very many people, but when I do, it’s always the same reaction…first there’s a look of surprise, and then there’s a look of sheer bliss. Thank you Watson’s!

  2. Thomas Lavin (verified owner)

    Eh, I could do without Watson’s sponge candy. I can also do without air, water, sunshine, pizza, beer, the internet, my job, and my wife. Wait……maybe I should reconsider the sponge candy.

  3. Marguerite schneider

    I first tried this wonderful taste sensation while at the casino at Seneca Niagara a few years ago. Wow! I brought some back to my family in Ohio. Now we are all in love with this unusual crunchy toffey creamy chocolate-y confection. I’m so happy to find it online. I need a surprise birthday gift.

  4. Fran Armstrong

    I grew up on Third Street in Niagara Falls; fell asleep hearing the roaring of the falls. Moved to Cleveland in 1970; Ohio is nice but NO SPONGE CANDY. My whole family loves Watson’s sponge candy. Whenever I am home, I buy your sponge candy. That’s what I am buying my 99 (and a half) year old mom for Mother’s Day.

  5. Wendy Gordon

    I grew up in Western New York, and sponge candy is my absolute favorite! Now that I live in Virginia I cannot get it here. However, I get a box of Watson’s sponge candy every year at Christmas and it is my favorite gift. Watson’s is exceptional quality, and the holidays wouldn’t be the same without it. If I could give it 10 stars I would!

  6. Jane Remick

    Love love, love this sponge candy. My last order was delicious the only thing that happened was the second box must have gotten dropped or something so the chocolate separated from the sponge part. It still tasted just as good!

  7. Nadine

    I never knew what sponge candy was till I started dating a guy that was from Buffalo. Needless to say I now live in Buffalo and Watsons sponge candy is a staple in this household.

  8. Marcella Matuszak

    Wow…Excellant sponge candy!

  9. owen

    This sponge candy should be at the table at my funeral if I did not get my daily dose of sponge candy every time I came to Buffalo, I don’t know how I would survive! Thanks for everything you do! See you next time!

  10. Randy Caplan

    My family doesn’t have an affair without Watson’s Sponge Candy and we have now added Charlie Chaplin! I live in VA Beach and Boynton Beach and keep at least a box of milk chocolate and dark chocolate- my friends love it. Always a hit – it’s the best!

  11. Claudia Tan

    I grew up in Kenmore and loved going to Watsons for sponge candy. I am a flight attendant and have travelled extensively around the world. I have tasted Belgium, French and Italian chocolate – but I always come back to Watsons – as no one can compare to their extraordinarily delicious sponge candy and chocolate!

  12. Norma (verified owner)

    My Childhood friend lives in Buffalo and would bring me a box of Sponge candy every time she would visit .. but now that she is busy raising Her kids She doesn’t have the time to fly to california so I order it online and have it shipped to me .? So good! And my kids love it now .

  13. Angela

    I spent a week in Buffalo last August with a dear friend. We stayed in Elmwood and loved the neighborhood, the people, gorgeous flowers, and of course the sponge candy. We went to Watson’s every day. What a charming store.

  14. Barbara

    I am originally from Buffalo Ny and now live in Florida. I just spent Christmas in Rochester NY and my niece took me to The Watson’s Chocolate store so I could bring back sponge candy for a lady that lives in Conn. She just loves it and so do I and all my family. It’s a must at Christmas time. Another thing I wanted to say was the lady that waited on me was so pleasant and nice to talk to.. she made my visit special telling me about the different kinds of candy there was.

  15. Heather

    My brother brings a box whenever he comes home. It is so sinfully delicious and never last long. Doesn’t get any better. Love it.

  16. Jessica

    Sponge Candy in general is my favorite candy – Watsons Sponge Candy is a REVELATION!

  17. Sharon Jones

    We grew up on Grand Island, NY and one of our favorite past times and great memories is the delicious sponge candy that I haven’t been able to find where we live. My dear friend has been buying us sponge candies for the Christmas holiday, which arrives nicely boxed at our front door. Of course the candies don’t last that long. Thank you for your scrumptious products.

  18. Marion Carpenter (verified owner)

    Love, love, love the sponge. I grew up in Buffalo but now in Ca. And now 84 yrs. young. Was not notified of the free shipping so I gues I missed it? but ordered anyway as I cannot live through a Christmas without it??

  19. Tina H

    My Mom loves sponge candy and I order from Watson’s every year. She said it is the best candy in the world. I live in Georgia and she lives in Wisconsin and I love that I can order online and have it delivered to her.

  20. Bob Brown

    I have a hard time going into the Amherst store without spending 200.00 or more per visit. What wonderful holiday gifts for friends and relatives. Staff is very cordial and very helpful.
    Thank you Watson’s

  21. Dawn

    I grew up in Kenmore/Tonawanda and live in Florida as an adult. Sponge candy is a must when back in town or when family visits Florida it always included a Watson’s trip. Must be Watson, they have the best. My family loves it, we always have a box on hand. I remember as a kid my Uncle standing in line down the street for Watson chocolate Easter Bunny’s. It is that good…..

  22. Debi Hyatt (verified owner)

    I live in Tennessee and was introduced to Watson’s sponge candy by our neighbors who relocated to Tennessee. It has become an all time favorite for me. Luckily for me, they give us a box every year for Christmas. I make it last as long as I can!

  23. Robin Negrych (verified owner)

    Best sponge candy around, the chocolate is creamy and delicious

  24. Michelle

    I come home to Buffalo and get about 5lbs of sponge candy and ONLY from Watsons!! No other candy store can compare regardless of what I’m told! It’s pricey but worth every penny!!

  25. Joy Wodowski

    Awesomely delicious sponge candy! & National Sponge Candy Day falls on my birthday! An even better birthday present!

  26. Bernie (verified owner)

    Simply the best sponge candy . It warms your heart as it melts in your mouth. The milk chocolate is the perfect texture as it has you craving for more and more.
    We are from Ontario, Canada and never miss an opportunity to purchase the best chocolate in the world form either, Buffallo, New York or Ellicotteville, New York, when we cross the border.
    Worth the drive when you want the best.
    Wish they would open a store in Niagara Falls, Canada.

  27. venusdar (verified owner)

    My friend from the buffalo area bought me my first box of these, and used to send them to me every year at Christmas. In the last couple of years we have no longer been able to do this, so i thought i would order some myself. All i can say it was worth every cent, they melt in your mouth and are delicious. I order both the dark and milk chocolate.

  28. Ari Palacios (verified owner)

    We love your sponge candy. I’ve been ordering every year since I discovered you, specially for my husband and son for Valentine’s Day. My little girl is hooked on them too. Great job!

  29. Deborah segrest

    Best sponge candy! always order from watson..website easy use.

  30. Diane 7R

    Melt in your mouth wonderful wonderful

  31. Diane 7R

    Best sponge candy I ever ate and I am quite a fussy chocolate tier. This was a gift from one of our vendors my husband said we had one last year however I never saw that box this is amazing we are going to buy some for our customers next year love love love it

  32. Ann (verified owner)

    I live in Texas. My Mother and aunt had lived in Tonawanda and ever since we moved to Texas my Mother had my aunt buy sponge candy for Christmas. My Mother has since passed away and I have continued the tradition. We all love it. Got to take a trip to Tonawanda a few years ago and was able to sneak an early sample before I bought the family theirs. Kept it a secret?

  33. barbara green

    I worked in Watson’s Restaurant and Candy store back in the late 1950’s. I am 76 years old now and still have not tasted anything better.
    The Watsons brothers John and Louie were great to work for, and they would give me the “ends” of the undipped sponge to take home for my sisters and brothers. I live in NJ and can’t wait for my order, keep up the great sponge.

  34. Edna Claudio (verified owner)

    It’s so yummy, you can’t eat just one!

  35. Kim martin (verified owner)

    Pure love!! I get them as my personal holiday tradition ! Can’t wait for the box to come…ps… they are all mine!! Merry Christmas to me

  36. Pencecy@gmail.com (verified owner)

    This is a different story! When I was a little girl, about 4 my Grandad took me to Watson,s for dinner with all his old friends! His name was Carleton Hoffman Sr. We sat at a round table in an alcove with more old men! But I felt really special because my brother didn’t get to come! And all the old grandpas made me feel like a princess! That was the best! Thanks so much for my memories!

  37. Cynthia Hoffman (verified owner)

    I have told this story before, but every time I order sponge candy I have to tell it again! I was a little girl about 4 and I got an allowance of 20cents, ten went to the offering at church, and the rest was mine! My family went to Watson right after church, and I bought 10 cents worth of milk chocolate sponge candy! I think they gave me more! It would last me all week! And I would do my chores, and do it all over again! Love that Stuff! Thanks for the memories!

  38. Sharon Wiwi (verified owner)

    I was born in Buffalo, Then moved to Ohio. When I was younger my aunt would bring me sponge candy whenever she came to visit.
    Then a few years ago I found Watson’s website, so now I am able to order my favorite sponge candy for the holidays. I even have my family hooked on it . Its the best!!!

  39. Angie Bruder

    Being from Illinois, I had never heard of sponge candy. I visited Niagra Falls last month and stayed at Seneca Hotel Casino. While in the gift shop, I seen a box of Watsons Sponge Candy and asked someone what it was like as I had never had it. One of the ladies working there let me sample it and I’m hooked! I bought some boxes to bring home and everyone that I have shared it with loves it! It’s funny watching their expressions when they bite into it!

  40. Harold Farrington

    I am a transplanted NY resident now residing in Virginia. I fondly remember sponge candy from my youth, and purchased a pound of it at your Orchard Park location last week. On trying it with my grandson when I returned to Virginia I discovered that all but 3 of the pieces were hollow inside with a gooey liquid in the bottom! Needless to say I was bitterly disappointed with my purchase.

    • watsonsadmin (verified owner)

      Oh no. We are sad to hear that your sponge melted. Our early fall has been unseasonably HOT and HUMID and that combination is a sponge candy curse. Any exposure to heat during transport can melt that fragile sweet sponge. Please give us a call so that we can replace your purchase.

  41. Karen White

    We live in NC now and have our Buffalonian customers pick us up 2 lbs when they go back to visit. It is the best!!

  42. Beverly Hodges

    Love love love sponge candy.

  43. Wendy (verified owner)

    I live in Michigan and I order this sponge candy , it is the perfect melt in your mouth texture. I recommend Watson’s to anyone wanting sponge candy.


    They make the best sponge candy in the USA. I just ordered 3 pounds!
    5 stars!

  45. Karen Sanders (verified owner)

    Best ever can’t leave it alone.has been my favorite since I was a child.I’m now a senior citizen

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