Frequently Asked Questions

My Sponge Candy arrived broken. What should I do?

We take an enormous amount of care when packing and shipping our famous Sponge Candy because it is extremely fragile (see How do I mail Sponge Candy?). Every box is packed by hand with lots of cushioning to protect each piece.  

We promise that when it leaves our warehouse, it is in pristine condition. HOWEVER, once it leaves our warehouse, it is out of our control.  Unfortunately, the shipping carriers are not as careful as we are and therefore, on a few occasions, our customers have received broken pieces.  Now, they will taste just as good, but they aren’t always as pretty.  

If your candy arrives in this unfortunate state, please take a picture and send it our way at We will strongly recommend that you contact FEDEX and file a claim.

Why is my Sponge Candy sticky?

We are committed to delivering fresh chocolate in excellent condition to our customers, each and every time.  That said, the best results occur during the months with low temps/low humidity.  Sponge Candy, in particular, is very fragile as well as extremely sensitive to any type of heat or humidity.  

Any kind of heat or humidity causes the sugar in Sponge Candy to break down and get gooey.  It does not mean that it is old – on high humidity days, Sponge Candy can start to break down the very same day that it’s made!  This is why a lot of candy makers don’t make Sponge Candy in the summer.  Sponge Candy will almost always have a slightly stickier center during the warm humid months.  

We suggest that you purchase a cooler and ice pack to ship any all of your chocolate. During the warm months, we may mandate it. This may help with keeping your chocolate from melting, but during these warm times, don’t be surprised if you have a sticky piece or two.

Is your website secure?

All Watson’s transactions take place on a secure server. Your information is encrypted before it is sent through the Internet.

If you don’t feel comfortable sending your credit card information over the Internet, no problem. Call 888.875-6643 and we will happily take care of your order over the phone.

How do I ship to warm climates?  Do I have to purchase a cooler?

We offer coolers and ice packs throughout the year for shipping to warm weather locations.  We even check the weather between here and the destination to see if it will travel through warm areas on its way.  If you aren’t home to receive your chocolate, or if it gets left out in the rain, we can’t guarantee its safe arrival.  Also keep in mind that your package is driving around in an un-air-conditioned vehicle all day…  We recommend that you choose the shortest possible shipping (2Day, 3Day and Overnight are available) option.  Please keep in mind, however, that most locations in New York and surrounding states are only 1-2 days via standard ground shipping (we don’t want you to upgrade if you don’t have to!)  If you have any questions regarding transit times or shipping options, please call us at 888-875-6643.

During the warm months (May-October), we may mandate coolers and ice packs for shipping our products. This is necessary in order to guarantee that your candy arrives as it should.  We realize it’s very expensive to ship chocolate – especially when it’s warm – and that you may opt to not place an order.  Honestly, we’d rather have you not order the chocolate than receive a melty mess. 

All candy that leaves our temperature-controlled warehouse is inspected and verified to be in perfect condition.  Despite best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your candy will arrive in perfect condition and are unable to issue refunds or replace products damaged by extreme temperatures.

How do I mail Sponge Candy?

Sponge is extremely FRAGILE! You need to ship it like you are shipping glass. It is not enough to put the box in a shipping box with cushioning – you need cushioning inside the actual sponge box! If you can hear it rattling around in its pretty green box, it’s going to break. (It will still taste yummy, but it won’t look so pretty…)

For internet and mail orders, we ship directly from the factory. In order to protect the candy, each box is lined with bubble wrap. It is so well cushioned that when you shake the box, you can’t even hear a peep. We always say “If you can shake it, you will break it!” 

That bubble-wrapped box then goes into a special sponge shipper with even more bubble wrap! It’s quite the process, but we want you to receive it in the best possible condition.

Even with this love and care, we still occasionally have breakage – so imagine what it looks like when it’s shipped without any cushioning inside the box! 

Please take good care when shipping out our sponge… or better yet – let us ship it for you!

What are your shipping rates?

Our standard shipping table (as of 10/2018))

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

We can’t ship perishable products to P.O. Boxes, unfortunately. Our carriers can’t deliver to them. You’ll need to provide a physical location to ship to. Often, customers will ship to work addresses.

Do you ship to APO and FPO addresses? 

We can ship a limited selection of foods to APO and FPO addresses via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail. We cannot take these orders online but are very happy to help you by phone at 888.875.6643 with a shipping estimate.

Do you ship to Canada? Do you ship overseas?

Please call us at 888.875.6643 for a shipping estimate before placing your order to Canada.

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our products overseas.

Can I send Watson’s as a gift?

Absolutely! We include a packing slip that lists what candy you purchased but not how much it cost.

The value of your gift stays a secret, between you, me, and your credit card company. We don’t include catalogs in gift boxes, either.

When will my order arrive?  If I upgrade my shipping, will I receive my package sooner?

Sometimes. But not always. Upgrading shipping simply expedites the transit time – it does not expedite the processing time.  

All orders placed on the phone or via our website typically take 1-3 business days for processing before they are shipped from our facility. Therefore, please be aware that “3 Day” shipping does not necessarily mean that your order will arrive within 3 days from the time that it is placed – it means it will arrive on the third day from when it ships (i.e. when shipped on a Monday, it will arrive on Thursday). Please plan on 5-7 *business days from the time you place your order for general ground delivery. You will receive an email when your package is shipped.

FedEx does not deliver to residential locations on Saturdays and Sundays, so we do our best to send your chocolate to arrive within the work week. We do not want your order to sit in a warehouse over the weekend where it may be subject to unfavorable conditions.  For example, if you live in California and place an order on a Wednesday, your order will not ship until the following Monday.

FedEx does not deliver to Post Office boxes.

*During the peak Holiday times or shipping sales, regular shipping days and delivery times may vary.

Should I refrigerate my chocolate?

There is no need to refrigerate your chocolate.  It will do just fine at room temperature (68-70 degrees) for long periods of time. In the summer, air-conditioning is fine.  In the winter, please try to keep the chocolate away from any heat source as it will soften (70F) and even melt (80).

Chocolate may be frozen but it must first be protected by wrapping with plastic wrap or waxed paper because when the chocolate comes out of the freezer the package will get moisture on it like any frozen food, and it will be wet which can make the chocolate sticky and not shiny.

How do I request a donation for my charity event?

We are always open to requests for donations for the many and various causes that are important to our customers and community – we recognize the amount of time and energy it takes to fund-raise.  While we would like to contribute to all of the many organizations that reach out to us, we regret that we may not be able to support each and every one.  Please submit any donation requests via email to: or fax to 716-875-5648.  Again, thank you for thinking of us and we wish you much success in your fundraising efforts.

I’d like to order custom packaging, is that possible?

We are more than happy to assist in developing custom packaging during most of the year.  If you have a custom order for the Holidays, we suggest that you reach out to us no later than early-October. Lead times vary and an be especially long November and December.  We are also happy to work with any items you’d like to create. We can use your ribbon, packaging, wrapping paper, etc.  Give us a call to discuss options.

Click here for our custom type options.

Why are there different products on the website than in the store?

Our mail order, catalog, and internet business are managed at a location other than the stores.  Therefore, you may see various sizes and products offered that differ from what is available at each store.  Each one of our store locations may also carry different products. Please call us at 888-875-6643 or your local store for more information.

 Is your chocolate gluten free? Is your Sponge Candy Gluten free?

The ingredients of our chocolate and of our Sponge Candy are gluten free, but they are enrobed on machinery that also enrobes pretzels and Oreos. Our products are also processed in a facility in which milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, gelatin, coconut, and soy are used.

Do you have wholesale pricing?

We not currently wholesale any of our products but we do have some of our products available for bulk sale.  Please call 888-875-6643 for more information.