November Staff Spotlight

November Staff Spotlight

Barb started working at our Ellicotville shop in 2005 and loves to talk to people and make them happy with our great chocolate. She loves all the chocolates, but especially sponge candy, peanut and raisin clusters.

Barb enjoys Valentine’s Day - the flat hearts and the pretty boxes. She doesn’t love writing on the hearts…. But she taught cursive writing to her 3rd grade classes so she can do it if she has to!

Years ago, growing up on the family farm her Aunt Arlene would bring a special treat - Watson's sponge candy!

Several years ago while on our factory tour - she thoroughly enjoyed that and still tells people about the candy going down the belt.

We are truly grateful to Barb for her contribution to our business and for being such a positive and helpful part of the Watson's Chocolates Family!