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Not a review of Taylor Swift's new album

by Polly Martin |

Allison Deason is wrapping up her internship with our marketing team. Her knowledge of the company and products was an easy swing and a good fit to get her up and running.  Ally's positive attitude, thoughtful insight, and creative approach were invaluable to the many projects and programs she worked on this year.  We cannot thank her enough for her time and energy. Ally is finishing her undergraduate degree this spring from D'Youville University where she will be pursuing her MBA. We hope to get her thoughts on The Tortured Poets Department tomorrow when she is back in the office.


by Allison Deason | April 2024

On January 16th, 2024, I began my marketing internship at Watson’s Chocolates. 

Working part-time as a Kenmore retail associate for the past three years proved to be a foundation between the theory and application of my marketing knowledge. Not only was I equipped with a deep understanding of customer needs and product features, but also growing enthusiasm for the Watson’s Chocolates brand. My business knowledge obtained from Daemen University allowed me to put my skills into practice at Watson’s Chocolates. 

After going viral on social media platforms with our infamous Sponge Candy “flop” video just before my start date, I felt that it was a bit daunting to join Watson’s Chocolates’ marketing department. More significantly, this presented an exciting opportunity as a marketing intern, as I was allowed to demonstrate my ambitious efforts. 

Hitting the ground running, I immediately began to collaborate with marketing director Polly Martin on various projects. From assisting with the execution of a social media influencer campaign to organizing surveys to evaluate products and customer service, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of marketing through hands-on experience under Polly’s valuable guidance. 

My internship experience went beyond developing my marketing skills. I am thankful for the chance to work alongside a supportive team of passionate professionals who constantly encouraged and guided me throughout my internship. This internship developed and solidified my professional passions and confidence. Although my professional journey is only beginning, I am beyond thankful for the sweetest opportunities provided by Watson’s Chocolates.