Truly, our most popular assortment. A presentation of our finest handmade chocolate centers filled with freshly roasted nuts, buttery caramels, glazed fruit and a generous assortment of mouth-watering creams in our trademark gold gift box.


Deluxe Assortment

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3 reviews for Deluxe Assortment

  1. Cathy Wilson

    This is the best chocolate I’ve had in years. Very creamy and delicious. I will definitely be giving this as gifts next holiday season.

  2. Donovan

    Love your almond bark. Is it available for shipping?

    • watsonsadmin

      Give us a call- we can ship ship some to you from the factory! 888-875-6643

  3. Deb King

    This is the best chocolate i have ever had and i’ve been eating chocolate for more than sixty years.

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