Could there be a better combination than crisp pretzel bites and chewy caramel completely enrobed in Watson’s delicious milk chocolate?¬† We may question this for years to come but a few of us think that this might be the ultimate combination therefore, we introduce this to you – bite into this salty-sweet confection and let us know. Packaged in 10 oz. candy box.

Chocolate Spiders

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1 review for Chocolate Spiders

  1. Diane sypniewski (verified owner)

    5 Star Plus!!! My husband ordered these for my birthday. Sponge candy used to be my favorite but I have to say these were unbelievable and if you refrigerate omg!!! Pretzels Carmel and chocolate! My daughter came home from college to celebrate my birthday and Ate the last 3. I was so sad. Ordering 2 boxes for Christmas!

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